Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Red Cortez

I met Red Cortez some two years ago at SXSW through their manager Laurence. At that time they were called The Weather Underground, but that's neither here nor there. This band is comprised of a great bunch of dudes and I mean that in the most honest way possible. Often times, you'll enjoy a band's music but upon meeting them you realize there a bunch of jerkoffs which forever sours the taste in your mouth. These gents are the real deal...I caught up with them before their show with Jason Isbell at Antone's in Austin. They synopsized their touring since the last time I saw them, tell highlights of playing for Morrissey, new music they're listening to in the van and recordings they have 'planned' down the road...

Two of Red Cortez's recommendations both from Dr. Dog's Park The Van Records:
The Peekers